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Here we have put all products according to their most used application. Some products have only one clear application, but most do have several different fields of application or are used in complete different industries. So it is very well possible you will find one and the same product named in different industries. 

Please let us know if you can not find the one you may be looking for in particular.


SLES 70%

SLES 70% (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate) has excellent detergency, emulsification,and foamability, it is easy to dissolve in water. As well as favorable hard-water resistant and high-biodegradation. Excellent decontamination, emulsification, dispersion, wetting, solubilizing performanceand foaming property. Good solvency, thickening effect, wide compatibility, anti-hard water and high biodegradable ability. Low irritation to skin and eyes.

Widely used in liquid detergent such as dishwashing detergent, shampoo, bubble bath,liquid, hand washing etc. In washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty, using it to partially replace LABSA, phosphate can be saved or reduced, and general dosage of active matter is reduced.
In textile, printing and dyeing industry, petroleum and leather industry, it can be used aslubricant, dyeing agent, cleanser, foaming agent and degreasing agent.


Cas: 15826-16-1



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