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Here we have put all products according to their most used application. Some products have only one clear application, but most do have several different fields of application or are used in complete different industries. So it is very well possible you will find one and the same product named in different industries. 

Please let us know if you can not find the one you may be looking for in particular.


Dioctyl Adipate (DOA)

DOA is a Chemical Alternative to Phthalates:A number of substances have been identified as alternative plasticizers. These alternatives include citrates, sebacates, adipates, and phosphates. They are being substituted in products that traditionally use phthalates, such as toys, childcare articles and medical devices. In addition to their application as alternative PVC plasticizers, these substances are also being used as solvents and fixatives in cosmetic products, inks, adhesives, and other consumer products.

Adipic Acid Esters are used as low-temperature-resistant and low-viscosity plasticizer for PVC and its copolymers and cellulose esters e.g. cellulose acetate butyrates and cellulose propionates. They are used as solvent carriers or coupling agents for polyurethane and photographic films. Lower chain esters of adipic acid are used as high-boiling, biodegradable, low-toxicity solvents and antiperspirants. Longer chain esters are used as lubricants offering stable lubricity, corrosion protection, biodegradability, and performance properties at both high and low temperatures. They are used as intermediates to produce other chemical compounds.

Cas: 103-23-1

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