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Here we have put all products according to their most used application. Some products have only one clear application, but most do have several different fields of application or are used in complete different industries. So it is very well possible you will find one and the same product named in different industries. 

Please let us know if you can not find the one you may be looking for in particular.



N-propanol (also known as normal-propanol, 1-propanol, Propan-1-l) is a primary alcohol with a molecular formula of CH3(CH2)2OH.  It is a colourless, transparent liquid.  The product is fully miscible in water and freely miscible with all common solvents such as glycols, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers and aliphatic hydrocarbons.  It has a flash point of around 15° C and improves drying in coating applications.

N-propanol is used to manufacture other solvents such as cosmetics, skin/hair preparations, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, lacquer formulations, dye solutions, antifreezes, soaps and window cleaner.  It can also be used to create printing inks, coatings, de-greasing fluids, adhesives, insecticides and herbicides.  Normal propanol is also used as a chemical intermediate to create esters, halides, propyl amines and propyl acetate.  The end user markets of this product are the cosmetics, cleaning, motor, printing, coatings and chemical industries.

Cas: 71-23-8

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