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Here we have put all products according to their most used application. Some products have only one clear application, but most do have several different fields of application or are used in complete different industries. So it is very well possible you will find one and the same product named in different industries. 

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Hexylene Glycol

Hexylene glycol (also known as HGL, 2-methyl pentane-2,4-diol, pinakon and Diolane) is a clear, colourless liquid with a characteristic odour.  It is fully miscible in water and has the chemical formula C6H14O2.  Hexylene glycol is a compound that appears in a large number of products that are used commercially and industrially.


The biggest user of hexylene glycol is the industrial coatings industry which uses approximately 45% of the world-wide production .  It is a component in lacquers and varnishes, and is a solvent plasticiser in surface coatings.  It is also a component in both oil and water- based paints, and in paint strippers.

Hexylene glycol is also used as a chemical intermediate, which accounts for approximately 20% of its consumption, and another 10% is used on oil and natural-gas fields where it is both a down hole lubricant, and a grinding and extraction aid.

Hexylene glycol is also employed as an antifreeze, and as a coupling agent for hydraulic fluids.  It is a moisturising, and setting, agent in the manufacture of textiles and can also be found in the cosmetics industry where it is a component of fragrances and bath, hair, and soap preparations.  It also has a role as a wetting agent in pesticide formulations and is a solvent in the preparation of dyes.

Cas: 107-41-5

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