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Di iso butyl ketone (also known as DIBK, 2,6-Dimethyl-4-heptanone, Isovalerone, and Isobutyl ketone) is a clear, colourless, stable liquid with a mild, sweet odour reminiscent of peppermint.  It is miscible with most organic compounds, is immiscible with water, and has the formula C9H18O. It is a solvent with a high-boiling point and which is also slow-evaporating and low density.  These properties make it a very useful product across a range of industries.


Di iso butyl ketone provides good solvency for many synthetic resins such as vinyl, acrylic, alkyds, polyester and epoxy.  It is also a solvent for nitrocellulose lacquers, high-solids coatings and stains, and paint stripper.  Equally, it is a solvent for adhesives, printing inks, and for cleaning and degreasing. DIBK is also an extraction solvent for organic pollutants, and for the mining of minerals.  It is also used as an extraction solvent and recrystallisation aid in the pharmaceutical industry, and has a role as a chemical intermediate in the production of di isobutyl carbinol.

Cas: 108-83-8



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